Run by Lokseva Mandal, Narvel (Reg no. F-813)

Savitri Jotirao College Of Social Work, Yavatmal

affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

Best practices in our college

SJSM is proud to maintain student centered environment in all its activities where they shall feel openness, understand the importance of transparency, seek an opportunity that shall help them in building sensitivity towards the have’s not, work in a team spirit etc.
SJSM believes that the every student have his/her own pace of development This Institute shall understand their potentials as well as limitations so that the SWOT analysis shall help them in preparing their action plan for their future.

Some of the best practices are as follow

Workshops for the Students

Sensitivity, handson skills, tools

Event management

Preparatory skills, Time management Transparency in financial matters.

Participation in social action movements Responding to disaster situation

Developing sensitivity, understanding of the social context.

Building the fundamental base of the -Students.

Students strengthen their academic base to standard 10th so that their hesitation is minimized.