Run by Lokseva Mandal, Narvel (Reg no. F-813)

Savitri Jotirao College Of Social Work, Yavatmal

affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

About Library Department


The Library of the College was started in 1993, with a few books. In 2013, it was moved to a new building on the ground floor now the college has a well equipped and specious library having books related to Social work and supportive subjects. The College Library is spread over 125.38 square meter area, Library Resources Divided into Reference Section spread over 83.87 square meter area, having reference books (Such as Encyclopedia Dictionaries, Directories, Gazetteers, Reports, Manuals, Maps, and selected Text Books as a Library copies) Periodicals Back Volumes, News Paper Clipping Files, Group Research Projects, Posters CDs / DVDs with separate sitting arrangement of Reading tables for faculty & Students and 2nd one is Circulation Section spread over 41.51 square meter area, used for home lending of the Books. The College Library gave ‘open Access’ to all users for access library Resources in Reference as well as Circulation Section.

Rules of Library Department

  •   While entering the library, all personal effects such as umbrellas, sticks, books, parcels, Hand-bags, and purses etc. are not allowed in the Library.
  •   The staff member of the Library at the entrance is Authorized to examine. Everything that passes into or out of the library.
  •   Talking, spitting, eating food, or any behavior calculated to disturb other readers or the discipline of the Library is strictly prohibited.
  •   The Librarian shall have the power to suspend the use of the Borrower’s card of any member or to refuse admission to any one infringing any rules of the Library and/or to suspend or cancel the use of the borrower’s ticket and the Reading Room Facility of any member.
  •   No books shall be removed from the library by any person unless the person has signed in the library records maintained for the purpose.
  •   No books shall be issued to any person other than duly registered as a Library member.
  •   No books shall be issued during the period when the stock verification is in process, only the facilities of the reading room will be granted. Borrowers shall return all the books borrowed by them three clear days before the commencement of such a period. Usual late fee shall be charged if the books are not returned before the date mentioned above.

Membership of Library Department

1. A member may enroll membership only under any one of the categories mentioned in the ‘category of membership’

A. Regular Membership
Students/ Faculty Members/ Administrative staff of the College

B. Temporary Membership
Visitors membership facility is open to Past Students, Research Scholars and any Visitors on the basis of Paying Library Deposit Rs 600/- and Library Fee Rs 50/- per month, with the written permission of Principal.

2. The duration of membership shall be for one year and shall have to be renewed every year except for temporary membership where the duration shall be of six months.

3. Any change of address during the validity of the membership should be notified in writing by the member to the librarian.

Library System

College Library perform all Housekeeping Operations Manually

Books and Periodicals purchase by the library through the recommendations from faculty and students also donation of the Books/ Periodicals/other reading Material either it is documentary or non documentary form accepted by the library from Society, Ex-Students and Faculty Members.

OPAC (In Process)

Dewey Decimal Classification System (in Process)

1. The period of loan of books and Maximum books will lent out to….

  • Students - Three Books/ Student for 7 Days.
  • Faculty Members – Six Books/ Faculty Member for 15 Day’s
  • External User - Two Books/User for 10 day’s

2. Following types of books shall not be lent out of the library.

  • Group Research Projects
  • Reference books And Library Copies.
  • Books marked as “rare” books.
  • Maps./ Posters
  • Back volumes of periodicals.
  • Loose issues of Journals.
  • Syllabus, Question Papers, Video tapes, Compact Disks, etc.

3. In the case of emergency only, the Librarian at his discretion may allow loan of books mentioned above in section (ii) for a short term.

4. When there is any increase in demand of a particular book or books, the Librarian may regulate the use of such book in such a manner, as he considers proper.

Library Services

The Library provide following Services/ Facilities to the User

  Circulation/ Lending Service

  Reservation Service

  Deposit Scheme (for Ex. Students & Researcher)

  Bibliographic Service

  Reprographic Service (Photocopy, Xeroxing etc.)

  Reading Room Facility

  Current Contents Service (CCS)

  News Paper Clipping Service

  Reference Service

  Current Awareness Service (CAS)

  Information Display and Notification Service

  Previous 6th Year Question Papers Bank

  SMS Alert to Faculty

  Open Access to Library Resources

Library Collection

Library Collection Total As on 31 March 2016
Text Books
Books Related to Subject
(Stories/Fictions/Poems/General Books)
Reference Book
(Such As Encyclopedia, Year Books Biographies, Dictionaries, Directories Gazetteers, Reports, Manuals, Handbooks).
Journals/ Magazine 27
Journals Back Volumes 38
News Papers 6
News Paper Clipping Files
(Cover 75 Subjects)
(Educational Movies/ Documentaries)
Group Research Projects 127
S.G.B. University Gazette
(from 1993-2014)
S.G.B. University Report Posters 22

Library Best Practices

Library Best User Award

This award given on the basis of frequent user of library resources, Quite often studies in reading room, overall discipline in the library.

Library Scholar Card Scheme

Library provide extra BT to the student who achieve highest marks in their class room.

Special Deposit Scheme

Library provide borrowing Facility of reading material to External membership / Temporary Membership.

Akhand Wachan Sanskar Upkram

Library Arrange 12 Hours Continues reading program for students & Faculty on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Mahaparinirvan Din.

Dr. S. R. Ranganathan Jayantelebration

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